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Welcome to Teacher Professional Development!

Studies have found that teachers attending professional development workshops give better instructional quality education for students than the average teacher.  Educators should always take every oppportunity to learn.

Teachers Professional Development provides valuable resources on the web to help educators and teachers find information about professional development courses, workshops, and conferences for education professionals. The website tries to present a comprehensive listing of teacher workshops, conferences, and courses. The goal is to keep teachers from spending countless hours searching the web to find this information, so these professionals can instead focus time improving their classroom skills, methods, techniques, while also carving out some time for a personal life.

We hope you enjoy your visit. We are always working to make your experience better, so please let us know how we can improve. If you know of a workshop that is not listed, contact us and we will add it to our listing asap. We always welcome your comments and suggestions. That is how we can make this website an even better resource for meeting your professional development needs, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!

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Student Feedback

This course was interesting and useful for professional development as well as for general personal use. I found the material and format appropriately challenging requiring attention to detail and thoughtful reflection. Thanks for a quality experience!

Steven P.
Harassment, Bullying & Cyber-Intimidation in Schools
Alaska Pacific University
June, 2010

Wow! I took this course for professional development and got exactly what I wanted! This class was interesting as well as completely applicable to my teaching profession. I loved the format. My favorite parts were the practice scenarios with explanations of why I got an answer wrong. I always want to know why I'm wrong and if you tell me right away, I will remember it! Thank you for some great clubs that I look forward to using next year.

Shannon V.
Behavior is Language
Chadron State College
May, 2010




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